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Every few buildings in Gwydir Street were built by a different builder (see history of Gwydir Street). This means that instead of all the buildings being the same, there are lots of different small features. If you get a chance to walk down Gwydir Street, see if you can spot where these are!

The clock on the left should be easy to find.
It's a well known landmark of Gwydir Street.

Many windows have motifs over them, usually fleur de lis, but they can be subtly different from each other.
Fleur de lis
Fleur de lis
Fleur de lis
Fleur de lis
Fleur de lis
Fleur de lis

Door scraper
Door scrapers remind us of the times when the streets must have been muddy! Door scraper
Door scraper

Brick Pattern
Brick Pattern
Brick Pattern
Most of Gwydir Street was built in plain brick, although some of them have since been rendered in various ways. There are a few patterns in red brick.
Brick Pattern

The Victorians loved ornament and even such simple worker cottages as Gwydir Street have a wide variety of lintels and arches above the doors and windows.
Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top Top

Door top

Nearly all of Gwydir Street is Victorian, but sometimes the modern buildings have made a good effort to fit in. On the left is an attractive arch above a door, copying Victorian designs. This house was built in the last few years.

House names

A few of the houses in Gwydir Street have names marked on the houses:

3Percy Cottage
42Weybridge (?) Cottage
133Read Cottages
137Fitzroy Cottage
142Norton Cottage
153Straford Terrace
154Belmont House
155Exton Cottage
156Thorpe House
167Bahia Cottage
175Leicester Cottage
177Gwydir Cottage
182Templar Villa
184Gothic House

The name at No. 42 is hard to read. If I have that, or any other name, wrong, or have left any out, let me know via

Here are some possible former names:

26Alpha Cottage
40Hope Cottage
153 or 155Exeter Cottage
(instead of Straford Terrace or Exton Cottage)

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