History of 1a Gwydir Street

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This is on the corner of Gwydir Street and Norfolk Street. It used to be a pub called "The Prince of Wales", and there is still the remains of the name, and the licensee above the old entrance.

The pub was always described as being in Norfolk Street, with its entrance actually on the corner.

1904 directory: 105 & 107 Plumb, Herbert, upholsterer, Prince of Wales

Now it is a private house, with the address of 1a Gwydir Street, and the entrance moved into Gwydir Street.

There is a little confusion over house numbering round here.

This is the current map of this arewa on the Cambridge City council website, to help sort out the numbering! (Norfolk Street is going off to the left.) This has this ex-pub as 1a Gwydir Street, and the tape shop opposite as 2a.


From Capturing Cambridge:


L Fowler and R J Parker, shopkeepers and post office

This entry talks about 1a, and mentions the post office (which used to be at where the tape shop is now). Perhaps the people who ran the post office lived across the road in the old pub? However, the pub used to be firmly in Norfolk Street. It is now 1a Gwydir Street, but I don't know when the change took place. And it's quite a grand house for the people who ran such a little post office. See 2a Gwydir Street.

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