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Celtic Knots

Here are some examples of Celtic knots and how to draw them yourself.

How to draw a Celtic knot
Felt-tip pen method
Double strands
Dots method
Copying Celtic knots
Non-square grid Celtic knots
Making Celtic knots on computer
Circular and Oval Celtic knots
Triangular Celtic knots
Why Celtic knots work

Celtic knot letters
Capital letters as Celtic knots
Examples from
The Isle of Man
Dublin, Ireland
Govan Old Church, Glasgow
Rest of Scotland

Extention of concept to real knots
Reef or square knot
Sheet Bend
Other examples
Illuminated manuscripts
Islamic interlacing patterns
Tibetan Buddhist endless knot
Daniel Loris' garden designs
Neanderthal pattern?

Things to do
Design your own Celtic knots online
Outline Celtic knots to colour in
Outline Islamic interlacing patterns to colour in
Tapestry (needlepoint) patterns for some these knots

I have written a Kindle book: How to design Celtic Knots - a guide for beginners - Buy UK - USA (or look up Jo Edkins in Amazon)

Celtic knots are patterns representing ropes or threads tied in a knot. They are really mis-named. They appear in Roman mosaics, and were made by Vikings and Saxons as well as Celts.
Many knots are continuous, with no loose ends, and these are also called Gordian knots or Gordic knots. This refers to the myth of the knot of Gordias. It was said that only a future leader of the world could undo it. Alexander the Great cut it in two with his sword, showing that he would conquer the world by force. Another term for Celtic knots is plaitwork, or interlacing patterns.

I recommend the following books:
  • Celtic and Anglo-Saxon Painting by Carl Nordenfalk - buy UK or USA
  • Mosaics of the Greek and Roman World by Katherine M. D. Dunbabin - buy UK or USA
  • Design your own Celtic knots using a special technique by cutting paper - very clever!
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