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Narrow hole

Hole for ribbon

If you are making a wedding garter, you may need to have holes within the lace to thread a ribbon through. This is a narrow hole. See pattern 86. You may prefer a broad hole.

These small holes could also be grouped together as a kind of ground. Some arrangements might turn into Kat stitch!

Hole for ribbon

This is a very simple, small hole, easily worked. However, you cannot alter the size (unless you make the whole pattern bigger) and it is small. Only the narrowest ribbon would fit!

Every stitch is Torchon ground stitch (half stitch, pin, half stitch). However, instead of all pairs going diagonally, two of the pairs go straight downwards. This means that one of the expected stitches is missed out, and this creates the hole. It is a similar idea to Kat stitch.