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Insert a bead using a crochet hook

You might want to include a bead in your lace, either within the lace or at the edge. Obviously you can't push a bobbin through a bead! It is possible to unwind the bobbin at the point you need the bead, thread on the bead, then rewind the bobbin but that would be a bit of a nuisance. It may be possible to thread all the beads on the correct thread at the start of the lace. Click here to see how to do that. This page describes the other way, using a crochet hook. This is far more flexible, as the bead is added when and where you want it.

How to insert a bead

Repeat Step Again

The crochet hook must be thin enough to slide through the bead, hook a thread, and be withdrawn again.

Description: This is not possible to describe using the cross/twist system, since only two bobbins are involved.

Working: Push a bead onto the crochet hook. Hook a thread, and pull it through the bead. Carry on pulling until there is a loop. Push the other bobbin through this loop. Tighten up so the looping of the two threads end up inside the bead. Push the bead up next to the worked lace.

Example of beads in lace
The eyes and mouth are beads. See pattern 121.