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Insert a bead threaded from start

You might want to include a bead in your lace, either within the lace or at the edge. Obviously you can't push a bobbin through a bead! It is possible to unwind the bobbin at the point you need the bead, thread on the bead, then rewind the bobbin but that would be a bit of a nuisance. The most flexible way is to use a crochet hook. Click here to see how to do it. This page describes the other way, which is to thread the beads on right at the start, before you've wound the second bobbin of a pair. In the photo below, one thread has five beads on it, while one bead has already been used in the lace.

How to insert a bead


The main problem is that you have to work out at the start exactly how many beads you need, and which thread/s they need to go on. That means you need to understand how the threads move through the lace. In the example above, there are six beads which will be positioned equally round the edge of the lace. So all six beads were threads on the edge pair - in fact, on the edge thread. Then every time the edge pair were worked, it had to be in a combination of stitches which kept the thread with the beads on the edge.

Another problem is what happens to these beads befre they are included in the lace. If the beads are not too large, and there are not too many on one thread, then they could be tucked in with the wound thread. In the example above, the beads were large, so I left them threaded above the bobbin. This meant that for every stitch, when I lifted the thread with the beads, I had to make sure that the beads did not get trapped under another thread. In fact, I found this quite easy to do (to my surprise!) Just a flick on a finger pushed the beads done when they rode up.

I did not find it hard to position the bead within the lace either. If you twist the pair of threads so the twist happens below the top bead rather above it, this separates one bead from the rest. Then tighten the threads, and position the bead where you want it. One thread of the pair goes through the bead, and the other outside the bead. You cannot put both threads of the pair through the bead as they need to be separated when doing other stitches!

Here is the finished lace (see pattern 314):

How to insert a bead