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How to do a cross


Description: C

Working: Swap the middle two bobbins (left over right).

This is not a stitch, but a component of a stitch.

Conventional lace stitches use two pairs, or four bobbins. The stitches are made up of a number of alternate crosses and twists.

A new lace stitch tends to start with a cross, in the lace tradition that I use, which is Cross twist. Click here for the difference between Cross twist and Twist cross.

It is important which bobbin gets lifted over which.

When working stitches, the bobbins lie on the pillow and you pick up one bobbin to lift it over its neighbour. You may need to move the underneath bobbin across to allow room. There is often not much spare room on a lace pillow!

In some lace traditions, you hold the four bobbins in your hand, and swap them using your fingers. However, if the bobbins are all flat on the pillow, then you can just pick up the bobbin that you are interested in, and move that, rather than worrying about holding the others.