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How to do a cross


Description: T

Working: Swap the bobbins in both pairs (right over left).

This is not a stitch, but a component of a stitch. It should not be confused with twisting a single pair.

Conventional lace stitches use four bobbins. The stitches are made up of a number of alternate crosses and twists. The cross usually starts the stitch (in the lace tradition that I use).

It is quicker if you use both hands for the twist, one hand for each pair. Like the cross, you may need to clear room on the pillow before you start.

Bobbin lace is really a sophisticated type of weaving. If you trace a single thread, you will notice that it goes under, then over, then under other threads. The combinations of 'cross' (middle pair/left over right) and 'twist' (outer pairs/right over left) makes this happen.