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This is the index to all my Maths websites. They are written for different ages, although anyone is welcome to read them.

For the very young
Patterns and shapes
For older children

For the very young

Simple Maths Skills: Numbers and angles (and some fun games!)

Angles: various interactive games to introduce the concept of angles

Patterns and shapes

Symmetry: reflective and rotational; plus make your own pattern or snowflake online

Tessellations: square; triangle; other; Escher; examples; plus make your own online

Solid shapes: cubes and more complicated shapes, with nets, pictures, facts

Introduction to Euclid - theorems up to 'Pythagoras' theorem, with interactive diagrams

Mandelbrot set: display the image, with zoom etc.


Numbers: explanation and convertors for many different number systems (Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, Greek, Roman, Mayan and Arabic numbers)

Data: Gathering data, interactive pictograms, graphs, mean/median/mode, sorting

Calculating machines: abacus, Napier's bones, slide rule, logs, calculators

Interesting numbers: 0, 1, i, root two, golden ratio, e, pi, googol, infinity

Binary and other bases

Finger systems: systems for counting and calculating using your fingers

Words for numbers: English, French, German, counting songs and counting sheep

For older children (or adults)

Probability: Tossing coins, throwing dice, calculations for dice, about probability

Logic puzzles: interesting puzzles to make you think - answers and explanations are given

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