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Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge

You go to Addenbrookes Hospital as a necessity, as a patient or visitor, rather than as a casual walk. But there are footpaths to and around the site. There are also useful internal corridors which get you to where you want to go, if you know about them (see below).

Useful paths
How to get to the Rosie Maternity Hospital
What and where is Old Addenbrookes?
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Map of Addenbrookes Hospital and Rosie Maternity Hospital in Cambridge

Useful paths

The Clown corridor goes all the way from the main entrance of Addenbrookes to what I call to the back door (it is the entrance to the ATC - Addenbrookes Treatment Centre). This can save you quite a walk on outside roads if you need to reach the back of the hospital when entering from the front of the site (or vice versa). It's called the Clown corridor because in one place there are clowns on its walls, and there is lots of other art as well. You can also get to the Rosie via the Clown corridor.

The corridor going the other way takes you to Outpatients. These corridors can twist and turn a bit, so you need to follow the signs.

Another useful path takes you from the east side of the site (say - the bus station) to the west side, through the carpark. Head for the main entrance, then turn right up the covered walkway. It's marked only to the carpark, but ignore that. At the top, there is an obvious turn left which takes you out again to the other side of the carpark. This can save you a long walk round the carpark, with confusing junctions and roads. (I got lost once, and ended up on Long Road!)

Please note that this map is for pedestrians. I have no idea whether the roads are accurate for cars - there may be roads that visitors are not allowed on, for example. I have marked them because unmarked roads can be very confusing to pedestrians. I think I have the entrance and exit to the main Addenbrookes visitors capark right, which is more than most maps manage! But I can't even guarantee that. Quite frankly, I'd advise not coming to Addenbrookes by car at all, if you can avoid it in any way. There are good buses.

The Rosie Maternity Hospital

The maternity hospital is called the Rosie - see bottom left corner of the map. Its entrance is on Robinson Way. You used to be able to get there via the main hospital entrance and the Clown corridor, but I don't think that is possible any more. There are buses which go past the entrance of the Rosie (since it is quite a long way from where most of the buses stop). These are Citi7 and the guided busway, I think, but I suggest that you check before travelling.


Addenbrookes tries to discourage people arriving by car. There is a frequent bus service, from the centre of Cambridge, from the rail station, from various parts of Cambridge, and from some of the Park and Ride car parks. Most of the buses only stop at Addenbrookes bus station, off Hills Road. The Citi7 bus, and the guided busway A bus don't use the bus station, and travel round the hospital site instead. There is a patient courtesy bus which also travels within the Addenbrookes site.

There are stands for bicycle throughout the Addenbrookes site. If you want to bike to the hospital, there is a good route by the side of the Guided busway, from the station to Long Road. You can then enter the hospital site from Long Road.

What and where is Old Addenbrookes?

If you want Addenbrookes Hospital, then you want the modern site, on Hills Road, on the southern edge of Cambridge. Addenbrookes Hospital moved here in the 1970s. Its previous location was in Trumpington Street, opposite the Fitzwilliam Museum. That building is sometimes called Old Addenbrookes, but it is nothing to do with the current hospital. The building is now the Judge Business School. Click here if you want to know more about this.

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