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Public Transport in Cambridge

It may seem odd to describe public transport in a website about walks. But you need to get to Cambridge, you might want to get away from Cambridge, and buses will help you get to a particular part of the city to start a walk, or to take you back when tired. There are also shortcuts and passages ways to get to the bus station and railway station.

Cambridge Railway station
Cambridge North Railway station
Central bus station
Grafton Centre bus stops
Addenbrookes hospital bus stops
Park and Ride
Guided bus or The Busway

Click on the red names for more information. The scale is on the bottom right - 1 kilometre is about half a mile. For larger scale maps below, 100 metres is about 100 yards.

Railway station Central bus station Grafton Centre bus stops Addenbrookes hospital bus stops

Map of Public Transport in Cambridge

Cambridge Railway Station

Railway station Mill Road bridge Railway cycle bridge Footpath to railway station Footpath from Hills Road Taxis at Cambridge railway station Bike park at Cambridge railway station Bus stops at Cambridge railway station Guided Bus or Busway

Map of Public Transport in Cambridge

Please note - this part of Cambridge is changing rapidly at the moment. There is a LOT of building going on round the station.

Cambridge railway station

Click here for National Rail Enquiries.

Cambridge railway station is some way from the city centre. There is a carpark (expensive and often full), bus stops, a multi-story bike park and plenty of taxis. The only road to the station is Station Road, off Hills Road (turn off by the war memorial).

I must emphasise that the Station Road entrance to the railway station is the only entrance. Surprisingly enough, Cambridge railway station has no footbridge or underpass to get to the other side of the railway tracks. If you are in Rustat Road or Clifton Road, then you are still a long way from the station and will probably miss your train! You will need to cross by Mill Road bridge or the cycle bridge.

Taxis at Cambridge railway station

Taxis at Cambridge Railway station wait outside the front door of station.
The carpark is north of the station. But all this area is being rebuilt.
I would strongly advise using a bus or a taxi (or your feet or a cycle) to travel to or from the station, rather than a car.

Buses at Cambridge railway station

The bus stops are to the south of the station. There are lots of buses to the city centre. It can be hard to sort out which direction the buses are heading, since the same buses can also travel out towards the south of the city. The bus-stops say which buses there are, and where they go. But if in doubt, ask the bus driver when paying for a ticket. See below for more information about Cambridge buses.

Bike park at Cambridge railway station
Multi-story bike park!
Bike park at Cambridge railway station
Pull out rack, push up and joggle a bit
Bike park at Cambridge railway station
Lower, push bike on, and push up again

If you are on foot or bike, then there are some short-cuts. The long-stay carpark is to the north of the station. If you walk along Devonshire Road (off Mill Road), by the bend in the road you will see a footpath which goes under the cycle bridge, and ends up in the carpark. This is then a short walk (dodging cars and taxis) to the station itself. This is all being rebuilt at the moment and the photo is badly out of date. But I'm not going to replace it until they stop changing it all!

Path to Cambridge railway station Path to Cambridge railway station

Mill Road railway bridge

That footpath above will only help you if you are already west of the railway tracks. If you are east of the tracks, in Romsey Town, you can cross by Mill Road's railway bridge (and then turn left down Devonshire Road and the footpath). But Mill Road is a busy main road.

There is also a cycle (and foot) bridge close-by, going from Rustat Road to Devonshire Road. The official name of this bridge is the Tony Carter bridge, but it's usually called the railway cycle bridge.

Cycle bridge to Cambridge railway station

If you are in Cambridge Leisure Park, it may be quicker to cross by Hills Road railway bridge, another busy road. However, it is a long walk to Station Road. There is a pedestrian short cut from Hills Road to Station Road. This is a private road, closed to cars but open to pedestrians, called Warren Close. This area is being rebuilt at the moment, so its look may change.

Path to Cambridge railway station Path to Cambridge railway station

There are a couple of things to look at in this area. The one on the left is explained by the notice closeby. The sculpture is of Ceres. For other art, click here.

Path to Cambridge railway station Path to Cambridge railway station Path to Cambridge railway station

Cambridge North Railway Station

Cambridge North railway station is fairly close to Cambridge Science Park and Cambridge Regional College. It has trains going north to Ely and Norwich, and south (via the main railway station) to London. It is served by the Guided bus or Busway.

Map of Cambridge North railway station

The front of the station has an attractive mathematical pattern on it. Click here to find out about it.

Cambridge North Cambridge North

Cambridge Bus Station

Bus station Emanuel Street St Andrews Street Christs Pieces Christs lane

Map of Cambridge Bus station

Cambridge bus station

Emmanuel Street St Andrews Street

Cambridge bus station is off Emmanuel Street, next to Christs Pieces. However, it is laughably too small, and only a few buses actually use the station (see left photo). The rest use bus stops sprawled all over the surrounding streets. There are bus stops along Emmanuel Street itself, especially for the Citi buses, which are the main buses running within Cambridge itself (see middle photo). Other Citi buses stop at St Andrews Street, outside the Grand Arcade (see right photo).

Click here for information about buses from Cambridgeshire County Council.

Click here for my own (unofficial) webpage about Cambridge buses, including Google maps of their routes.

Christs Lane is a passage way leading to Christs Pieces, and so to the bus station.

Christs Lane

Christs Pieces

The paths across Christs Pieces are another way to get to the bus station. Christs Pieces is also a good place to relax while waiting for your bus.

Since the central bus station is so chaotic, there are minor bus stations elsewhere in Cambridge.

A number of buses stop at the railway station, and there are several bus stops there to accommodate them, see railway station map.

Buses at Cambridge railway station

Buses at Addenbrookes Hospital

There are also a lot of buses stopping at Addenbrookes Hospital, by the Hills Road roundabout. Again there are several bus stops, although buses have been known to stop at the wrong stop when the site is busy, so check with the bus driver if you are not sure! Most of the buses stop at the front of the hospital, but the guided bus stops outside the Outpatients, and various other places on the site.

Another place with bus stops for different buses is outside the Grafton Centre, at the East Road entrance. This is used by the Park and Ride buses, but not necessarily in both directions. There is a mobile sculpture nearby called "Moonstone, Arrows and Obelisk" (see Cambridge Sculpture Trails, tail 1).

Bus stops at the Grafton Centre

Bus stops at the Grafton Centre

Another important collection of bus stops are at the Park and Ride sites. I haven't marked these on the map, as they are on the outskirts of Cambridge. The idea is that you drive your car to one of these large carparks at the edge of the city, park for a small fee, then buy a bus ticket which will take you into the city centre. Click here for Cambridgeshire County Council's information about Park and Ride, which includes a map and details of ticket prices. The photos below are of Trumpington Park and Ride. One of the guided bus routes starts at Trumpington Park and Ride.

Park and Ride at Trumpington

Park and Ride at Trumpington

Cambridge Guided Bus or The Busway

Map of the southern part of the guided bus or Busway

The guided bus was started in 2011. Its proper name is The Busway, and this is how it is labelled on bus stops. There are several routes, and some of the stops are mentioned above. Some of the time, especially within Cambridge, the guided bus travels on ordinary roads, and looks much like any other bus. But south of the city, and from the northern edge of Cambridge all the way to St Ives Park and Ride carpark, the bus travels on its own concrete tracks. No cars are allowed on these tracks (there are car traps to stop them!), but alonside the track, there is a very good pedestrian and cycle way. The map above gives the southern part of the route, from the railway station to Trumpington park and ride carpark, with the cycle/pedestrian path marked in red alongside. This path goes under several roads, like the guided busway itself. You can get from the cycle path onto Long Road, which is a useful route to Addenbrookes hospital by bike, avoiding Hills Road, especially Hills Road bridge (NOT cycle-friendly!)

There are also pedestrian/cycle paths along the busway to St Ives, but these are outside Cambridge.

Click here for more information about The Busway, or guided bus.