Greek keys - style

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It is easier to understand a Greek key if you consider the background as well.

Here is a very simple pattern.
The blue meander is easy to see.
A Greek key pattern repeats itself. Here is one element.
Now look at just the background. This is the Greek key generator, as you can construct the rest of the key from this.
First, repeat the generator.
Now put a line above and below.
This is one style of Greek key - the inverse meander.
Colour the meander in to make the meander.
We can add extra lines at top and bottom to produce a meander and lines.
We can even add extra lines at top and bottom to the inverse meander to produce an inverse meander and lines.

A Greek key is usually in a single colour, with a neutral background. So colouring the relevant patterns above in a single colour gives the different styles below. The generator is used to make a Greek key rather than being a pattern itself. It is also a good way to compare different keys. Change the Size, Design and Turns to get different sizes and patterns.

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Styles of Greek key
Inverse meander
Meander and lines
Inverse meander and lines