Greek keys - modern designs

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The ideas on this page were sent to me by Christopher Stanton. The rest of this website are traditional designs that have been around for perhaps thousands of years, or my trivial extension of such ideas, and so are out of copyright. The ideas on this page are original, invented by Christopher, and therefore he owns the copyright of them.

This is a tilted Greek key! One of the problems with the traditional design is the corners, and this is an elegant solution of the problem. The design is symmetrical about the horizontal and vertical axis, but not diagonally.

Here is an alternative method of the reversing of tilt in the middle of each side. It does, of course, mean that you no longer have one continuous line throughout.

Christopher points out that this design has a 3D feel to it!

This is a progressive Greek key. Any Greek key features a number of turns, but the traditional Greek key chooses a number and sticks to it. This pattern combines several different number of turns.

Here is the same design coloured in, so you can see what's going on. There is an extra line above and below and help the colouring.