Copying patterns from this site

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The Greek key design has been around for a long time, and so is out of copyright (apart from the designs by Christopher Stanton). You are welcome to use any of the designs from this site is whatever way you wish, although please contact Chris first if you wish to use his designs. Unfortunately, this website uses JavaScript to generate the designs, so they cannot be copied or printed in the normal way. If you try, you will find that you pick up just one element of the picture, and that it is very small compared with the screen image. There are ways round this.

You can always print off the whole webpage in the normal way.

You can copy the screen image. On standard Windows keyboards, there is a key (top right) with Print Scrn or similar on it. When you have the design that you want on screen, click on this. This dumps whatever is on the screen into the 'copy' area (which is called the clipboard). Now go into a word processor file, or any program that handles pictures (such as Paint). Click on Edit/Paste, and the screen image will appear. This will have more than just the design. If you are in a Paint program, then you should be able to trim it. Whether you do or not, you can now print or save it as you wish.

Of course, you can also copy the design by hand. Or you could copy the generator of the pattern that you want, then enlarge it, colour it and duplicate it as you wish using a Paint program. This website explains how to generate the various styles of Greek key from the generator.