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Roman invasions55/54 BCE Julius Caesar invades BritainRomans first come to Britain
43 AD Claudius invades BritainRomans stay in Britain
60/61 Battle of Watling StreetBoudicca defeated by the Romans
793-c.1100 Scandinavian invasions793 Vikings attack LindisfarneStart of the Viking raids on the British coast
878 Battle of EthandunAlfred the Great defeated the Danes
1066 Battles of Harold1066 Battle of Stamford BridgeHarold of England defeated Harald Hardradda of Norway
1066 Battle of HastingsWilliam of Normandy defeated Harold of England
1135-1154 Stephen and Maud Wars1141 Battle of LincolnDispute as to who should succeed Henry I
1215-1217 First Barons' War1216 Seige of Dover CastleWar caused by King John refusing to obey Magna Carta
1264-1267 Second Barons' War1265 Battle of EveshamSimon de Montfort defeated by forces of Henry III
1296-1328 Wars of Scottish Independence1297 Battle of Stirling BridgeWilliam Wallace defeated the English army
1298 Battle of FalkirkEdward I defeated William Wallace
1314 Battle of BannockburnRobert the Bruce defeated Edward II
1337-1453 Hundred Years War1346 Battle of CrecyEdward III defeated Philip VI of France
1356 Battle of PoitiersThe Black Prince defeated John II of France
1415 Battle of AgincourtHenry V defeated the army of Charles VI of France
1428-1429 Siege of OrleansJoan of Arc defeated the English forces
1381 Peasants' Revolt1381 Storming of the Tower of LondonRichard II met Wat Tyler
1455-1485 War of Roses1471 Battle of TewkesburyEdward IV defeated Henry VI
1485 Battle of Bosworth FieldHenry Tudor defeated Richard III
1585-1604 Anglo-Spanish War1588 Spanish ArmadaFrancis Drake defeated navy of Philip II of Spain
1641-1651 English Civil War1642 Battle of Edge HillRoyalists against Parliamentarians - result inconclusive
1644 Battle of Marston MoorParliamentarians & Scottish Covenanters deafeated Royalists
1645 Battle of NasebyOliver Cromwell defeated army of Charles I
1648 Battle of PrestonOliver Cromwell defeated the Royalists and Scots
1685-1690 Battles involving James II1685 Monmouth RebellionForces of James II defeated the Duke of Monmouth
1689 Siege of DerryDerry was beseiged unsuccessfully by a Jacobite army
1690 Battle of BoyneWilliam of Orange defeated James II
1715, 1745-1746 Jacobite Risings1715 Battle of PrestonBritish forces defeated forces of James Stewart
1746 Battle of CullodenBritish forces defeated forces of Charles Stewart
1756-1763 Seven Years' War1759 Battle of the Plains of AbrahamJames Wolfe died while taking Quebec
1775-1783 American War of Independence1781 Siege of YorktownGeorge Washington deafeated the British army
1803-1815 Napoleonic Wars1805 Battle of TrafalgarHoratio Nelson died while deafeating the French fleet
1815 Battle of WaterlooThe Duke of Wellington defeated Napoleon Bonaparte
1812-1815 War of 18121815 Battle of New OrleansAmerican army defeated British army
1853-1856 Crimean War1854 Battle of BalaclavaIncludes the Charge of the Light Brigade
British expansion in India1857 Indian MutinyBritish East India Company rule ended
1839-1842 1856-1860 Opium Wars1860 Burning of Palaces in BeijingHong Kong ceded to Britain
1879 Anglo-Zulu War1879 Battle of IsandlwanaZulus deafeated British although British won the war
1899-1902 Boer War1899-1900 Siege of MafekingDefended by Robert Baden-Powell
1914-1918 First World War1916 Battle of SommeOver 1.5 million casualties
1916 Easter RisingOccupation of Dublin General Post OfficeIrish leaders executed by British
1939-1945 Second World War1940 Dunkirk evacuationBritish army evacuated using the "little ships"
1940 Battle of BritainBritish airforce kept control of British airspace
1940-1941 The BlitzGerman bombing of London, and other cities
1942 Battles of El AlameinMontgomery defeated Rommel in North Africa
1944 Normandy LandingsBritish and American forces invaded France
Burma CampaignFall of Singapore
1945- After Second World WarThe Break-up of the British EmpireIn India, Africa and elsewhere
The Troubles in Northern IrelandUnionists versus Nationalists
1982 Falklands WarArgentina invades the Falkland Islands
1990-1991 Gulf WarSaddam Hussein invades Kuwait
War in AfghanistanPart of the War on Terrorism
Iraq warOverthrowing Saddam Hussein

Index to documents, songs, etc.

Anglo-Saxon Chronicle account of the Battle of Hastings 1066 Battle of Hastingswritten account
Battle of New Orleans1812-1815 War of 1812song
Charge of the Light Brigade1853-1856 Crimean Warpoem
Charlie is My Darling1715, 1745-1746 Jacobite Risingssong
Churchill's quotes1939-1945 Second World Warquotes
Declaration Of Independence1775-1783 American War of Independencedeclaration
Dulce et Decorum Est1914-1918 First World Warpoem
Easter Proclamation of 19161916 Easter Risingdeclaration
Elizabeth I's speech at Tilbury1588 Spanish Armadaspeech
Flower of Scotland1296-1328 Wars of Scottish Independencesong
Free Nelson Mandela1945- After Second World Warsong
Geoffrey Chaucer mentions Jack Straw1381 Peasants' Revoltquote
God save our gracious King1715, 1745-1746 Jacobite Risingssong
Heart of Oak1756-1763 Seven Years' Warsong
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye1757-1857 East India Company battlessong
Julius Caesar's account of his invasion of Britain55/54 BCE Julius Caesar invades Britainwritten account
Kubla Khan1839-1842 1856-1860 Opium Warspoem
Land of Hope and Glory1899-1902 Boer Warsong
Last of the Light Brigade1853-1856 Crimean Warpoem
Off To Dublin In The Green1916 Easter Risingsong
Revolution1945- After Second World Warsong
Rule Britannia1715, 1745-1746 Jacobite Risingssong
Scots Wha Hae1296-1328 Wars of Scottish Independencesong
Shakespeare - Once more unto the breech1337-1453 Hundred Years Warquote
Shakespeare - Saint Crispin's day1337-1453 Hundred Years Warquote
Shakespeare - Edward IV talking about Tewksbury1455-1485 War of Rosesquote
Shakespeare - A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse! 1455-1485 War of Rosesquote
Siegfried Sassoon - Suicide in the Trenches1914-1918 First World Warpoem
Siegfried Sassoon - They1914-1918 First World Warpoem
Skye Boat Song1715, 1745-1746 Jacobite Risingssong
Star Spangled Banner1812-1815 War of 1812song
We'll meet again1939-1945 Second World Warsong
White Cliffs of Dover1939-1945 Second World Warsong
Who do you think you are kidding, Mr Hitler1939-1945 Second World Warsong