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Foreign Bobbin Lace: Malta

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I don't know much about Maltese lace, but what I do know is on this page. Please contact me to point out mistakes!

Language: Maltese (and English)

Maltese lacemakers use a distinctive pillow. It is a bolster pillow but a thin cylinder, and rather than pinning the pattern so it goes round the cylinder (so you can carry on working it indefinitely), they pin it the other way, then prop the long pillow up against something to work the lace.

Maltese pillow

Maltese lace

Maltese lace is made of cream silk and usually has the Maltese cross in the pattern. I have a collection of Maltese lace, with some lace inherited from my grandmother. My grandfather was stationed at Malta 1908-1911, so I presume she got it then.

Maltese lace

Maltese lace became popular in the 19C, as it was shown in the Great Exhibition of 1851 in London. English Midland lace copied it to produce something called English Maltese. I suspect that the above piece is English!

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Pattern 232 and Pattern 233 are based on Maltese lace mats in my collection. One uses a particular headside, so I have called it Maltese headside, although I don't know if that is an accurate term. Click here to see how to do it.