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Tally in ground

Tallies in ground

A large amount of ground can be boring. Sometimes lace has occasional small dots to break this up. The conventional way to do this is using small tallies. See pattern 457.

Click here to see how to do a tally.

These tallies in ground tend to be small and square. The long, thin tallies tend to start and end with a pin, but there are no pins with this type of tally. You start with the two pairs coming in from the ground. Choose a bobbin to be the worker bobbin 9remember that for a tally there is one one thread as worker, not a pair). Work the tally, making it about as wide as the pins above the tally. When it's the right depth, twist each pair, and carefully work each pair back into the ground on each side. Try not to tug anything too hard!

These tallies are common in Bucks Point, but I don't have an example handy. Here is an example in Torchon lace from my collection:

Tallies in ground

If you find tallies too tricky, then try a dot instead. Or even a tiny diamond!