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Pattern 457 - Effects in diamonds

Picture of lace


Pattern of lace

Bobbins: 16 pairs

Style: Torchon

   half stitch
   cloth stitch and twist
   cloth stitch
   tally (pink)
   twist both pairs

   Torchon ground (grey)
   twisted footside (grey)
   cloth diamond (red)
   half stitch diamond (blue)
   single twist (white)
   hole (pink)
   raised tally (pink)


Click on the links above to see how to do the different stitches and techniques.

The top four diamonds are made of cloth stitch. The effects inside the first three diamonds are all made by doing a cloth stitch and twist instead. Any pair involved in these cloth stitchh and twists has a twist before the stitch as well.

The top diamond has a single cloth stitch and twist in the middle of the middle row. The second diamond has single cloth stitch and twist two rows before the central stitch, either side of the central stitch in the middle roww, and two rows below the central stitch. The third diamond has these stitches further out still. It is quite hard remembering to do these cloth stitch and twists, and doing them in the correct place, and frankly, for the more complicated efforts, I don't think it's worth the bother! The single stitch in the top one is striking enough though, and easy to do.

The fourth diamond has a hole in it. This is done by cloth stitch down to the pin above the hole. Then the middle passive becomes a second worker, and both sides of the hole are worked using two different workers. Then they rejoin at the bottom pin of the hole, and one worker is used for the rest.

The fifth diamond has a raised tally. This diamond is worked in half stitch, as that makes a better backgroun for a raised tally.

At the bottom, there is a group of five small tallies in the Torchon ground.

Picture of lace
Close up of the lace, so you can see the working in more detail