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Cloth Stitch

How to do a cloth stitch

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Description: C T C

Working: Swap the middle two bobbins (left over right), then both the outer pairs (right over left), then the middle two bobbins (left over right).

When you have finished the stitch, the pairs stay together, but one pair has crossed over the other.

This is called cloth stitch because the finished effect is like woven cloth. Other names for cloth stitch are linen stitch or whole stitch. However, whole stitch sometimes means cloth stitch and twist, so I prefer cloth stitch as being unambiguous.

The Dutch for cloth stitch is linnenslag and the French is (I think) point entier. Another name for cloth stitch is point matte, but I don't know if that's French or not (it sounds as if it is).

Solid cloth stitch

Solid cloth stitch. Also used for headside fans. Pairs leaving solid cloth stitch should be twisted, to stop the threads separating. See pattern 4.

Cloth footside

Cloth footside. This uses cloth stitch for the passives, although it uses cloth stitch and twist for the rest of the footside. See pattern 11.

Cloth stitch is not used for grounds, as it ends with a cross. This would lead to threads separating between stitches.