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Design your own Torchon lace patterns (interactive designer)

There are technical computer reasons why the lace is tilted!

width (8-30):     length (8-40):
Simple grounds: Other grounds: Spiders:
Second footside
For marking half stitch diamonds: To delete pattern:

Triangles (next to footside)

Click on a pattern, then move the mouse (not click-and-drag) into the lace. Click to drop.
You cannot drop one shape overlapping another. You must delete the original one first. Click on the red D, and then click on the shape to be deleted.
Headsides or a second footside must be aligned. Headsides are considered to be one shape, so if you delete one, all will disappear.
You can drop a cloth diamond, heart, fan or triangle so its corner or edge is shared with another cloth shape. You can also drop them edge to edge. This will make one new composite shape. The thin strips enable you to make many different cloth shapes. Pick up the brown H and drop it into the centre of any cloth shape to mark it as half-stitch instead.
When finished, print the whole page (print button or File/Print). You can't print or save just the design, as it's not a normal picture.
This page does not necessarily give all possible patterns. I think that any pattern produced by this page will be workable, but it might end up looking odd.
If you want, change the dimensions of the lace, and then click on 'New lace'.

Design a lace corner

I designed pattern 20, pattern 53 and pattern 54 using this interactive designer. It allowed me to come up with ideas that I didn't realise were possible!