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Pattern 53 - Clutter of spiders

This uses a special type of spider ground which I think I invented. The spiders are arranged round single stitches of Torchon ground. This gives an irregular effect. I've made a bit of a mess with the design, which makes it even more irregular... Still, you can work it. I suggest that you are confident with working spiders before attempting this.

Picture of lace

   Pattern of lace

Bobbins: 16 pairs

Style: Torchon

   half stitch
   cloth stitch
   cloth stitch and twist

   8 legged spider (green)
   spider and dot ground (green and grey)
   Torchon ground (grey)
   cloth fan (red)
   cloth triangle (red)
   twisted footside (grey)


Follow the links above for explanation of how to work the different parts of the lace.

The big fans have passives twisted half way through. Not all the passives are twisted, just those in the middle.

Apparently the group term for a collection of spiders is a cluster or clutter. So this lace is definitely a clutter of spiders!

As I mentioned above, I didn't really understand what I was doing at this point, so while it is possible to work this lace, there are some odd bits in places. Most of the ground is spider and dot ground, but near the point of some of the triangles, some of the spider's legs do come together. There is also a long repeat of the pattern. It does not go from triangle to the next triangle, but to the triangle after that.

See pattern 54 for a better use of spider and dot ground.