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Bobbin Lace - Other subjects

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Click here for how to start making lace, which section covers the necessary equipment and techniques needed by lacemakers.

Click here for lacemaking stitches, including the normal ones such as half stitch, and the more complicated ones such as tallies and picots.

Starting lace: simple - complex
Finishing lace: simple - complex
Starting and finishing mats

Tightening threads

Undoing lace

Number of bobbins needed by a pattern

How much thread?

Adding and removing bobbins

Dealing with a broken thread

Adding beads to lace with a crochet hook - threaded on from start

Adding wire into lace

Open and closed pins

Sewing lace onto fabric

Suggestions for lace projects

Cross twist v. Twist cross

Bobbins on the pillow v. Bobbins in the hands

Information about bobbin lace styles

Torchon lace
Bucks Point
English Midland lace
Tape lace