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Pattern 180 - Serpent - equal wiggles

Picture of lace

This pattern is connected to pattern 181.

   Pattern of lace

Bobbins: 22 pairs

Style: English Midland experimental

   plait (green)
   lazy join
   join - 2 pair + 1 pair
   cloth stitch and twist
   cloth stitch

   trail headside (red)
   cloth footside (grey)


Follow the links above for explanation of how to work the different parts of the lace.

I visited the Cecil Higgins Art gallery in Bedford, which holds the Thomas Lester Lace collection. One of the pieces there had an interesting edging. I have tried to reproduce it in this piece. Now, I have not done much Bedford lace, so please don't think that this is an authentic design!

The headside is a simple piece of cloth stitch, but when you work it, you need to turn the pillow one way, then the other, so the bobbins will always hang down. This means that you need a pillow which you can work from any angle, such as a cookie pillow. There is one pair of worker bobbins for the entire headside, so you need to wind lots and lots of thread for these! The other bobbins tend to be taken in from one side, and then leave the other side to make the cross pieces, which are simple twisted threads. You may notice on the photo that to start with there are five cross pairs for each loop. However, later I cut this down to four cross pairs. This left an extra pair to pad out the turn, which I think makes it look better. That's the way that the pattern is given, anyway. It also stops the cross threads running right across the pattern all the time, which I also prefer.

There is a single pair from the edging to the main part of the design, and a single pair to the footside. The rest of the design is plait (green) joined with lazy joins.