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Pattern 283 - Cretan maze (zigzag)

Picture of lace

This is a reproduction of a Cretan unicursal maze (maze without branches). Click here for more maze patterns. Click here for more on mazes.

   Pattern of lace

Bobbins: 34 pairs

Style: Torchon

   half stitch
   cloth stitch
   cloth stitch and twist

   cloth zigzag (red)
   Torchon ground (grey)
   twisted footside (grey)
   how to finish


Follow the links above for explanation of how to work the different parts of the lace.

Pattern of lace

The start is along a horizontal line, with 2 pairs at each point (apart from at one edge). Looking at the photo, I may have done a diagonal start. You can do either.

Click here for how to finish an edge.

This pattern is a strip bent round into a circle. This means that the pins are closer in the centre than the edge.

The path of the maze is made with thin cloth zigzags. This pattern would startle anyone familiar with the Cretan maze, since it seems completely different. However, the direction of the paths, and the doubling back are correct. In Torchon lace, solid areas tend to be diagonal, which leads to the zigzags.