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Pattern 79 - Contrasting buds I

Picture of lace

This is one of two similar patterns. See pattern 80.

   Pattern of lace

Bobbins: 14 pairs

Style: English Midland

   plait (green and pink)
   lazy join
   join - 2 pair + 1 pair
   cloth stitch and twist
   cloth stitch
   half stitch

   nine pin headside (green)
   cloth bud (red)
   half stitch bud (blue)


Follow the links above for explanation of how to work the different parts of the lace.

All the lines in this pattern are plaits. Some of the plaits have to split into two to enter the bud - at that point they become two pairs (twisted).

The tricky part of this pattern is the start. There is a nine pin headside on both sides, and each side needs 4 pairs, making 8 in all. All these eight pairs begin at a single pin (marked on the starting diagram above). Then 4 pairs are worked across the top as a nine pin headside, before going downwards on the right. The other 4 pairs start immediately on the left headside. The bud needs 10 pairs in all, and 2 pairs at the start. The top 2 pairs are started at the top of the bud, but you will need to make sure that some headside pairs are worked through them (in cloth stitch) before starting the bud, as otherwise the top of the bud won't be attached to the headside. 4 more pairs enter the bud on each side (2 on each side). These start as a plait in the corner (marked as pink), and separate to join the bud in different places. The last pairs into the bud enter in the middle, and immediately leave. They are 2 pairs on each side coming from the headside directly.