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Half Stitch and Twist

How to do a half stitch and twist

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Description: C T T

Working: Swap the middle two bobbins (left over right), then both pairs (right over left), then both pairs again (right over left).

Both the uses below belong to Bucks Point.

half stitch and twist ground
Bucks Point ground. This is half stitch and twist/s, pin. See pattern 12.

You can do just one twist after the half stitch, but a stronger effect is made by doing half stitch and two twists. Either way splits up the bobbin pairs.

This definition of Half Stitch and Twist belongs to the Cross twist lace tradition. Click here for the difference between Cross twist and Twist cross.

The bobbin pairs stay together whenever you use cloth stitch and twist.

Honeycomb. This is half stitch and twist, pin, half stitch and twist. It keeps the bobbin pairs together. See pattern 13.