History of 157 Gwydir Street

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William Smith lived in 157 Gwydir St in 1892 (see Kelly's Directory).

Joseph Tucker, inspector of police, G.E.R., lived here in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

Miss Rout and J.E. Rout lived here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

From Capturing Cambridge:


Frederick Smart, head, 45, solicitor’s clerk, b Cambridge
Sarah, wife, 33, b London
Ellen, daughter, 12, scholar, b Cambridge
George, son, 10, scholar, b Cambridge
Edith, daughter, 8, scholar, b Cambridge
Henry, son, 6, scholar, b Cambridge
Frederick, son, 5, scholar, b Cambridge
Margaret, daughter, 3, b Cambridge
Constance, daughter, 11 mos, b Cambridge
Emma Baines, 17, servant, b Cambridge

William Smith, head, 36, commercial traveller, b Stonea
Rebekah, wife, 41, b Norfolk
Sydney S, son, 12, scholar, b Norfolk
Miriam N, daughter, 7, scholar, b Norfolk
Eliza, sister, 23, servant, b Norfolk


CIP 17.6.1898
: The Newmarket Teacher Again: Alexander Anderson, school teacher, Newmarket, was charged with stealing a suit of clothes, value £3 15s, about the 4th August, 1897. Joseph Tucker, 157, Gwydir-street, inspector of the G.E. Railway Company, stated that the Railway Company lost two parcels, containing suits of clothes, from the Cambridge platform. On the previous day he went to Newmarket with prisoner, and he saw Inspector Peek at the Police-station. Witness asked prisoner if he had any objection to his looking through his belongings, and, after a pause, prisoner replied in the negative. Witness went with prisoner and a constable of the Suffolk force followed up. Prisoner unlocked his boxes the bedroom. One contained books and papers, and the other clothing. Prisoner took out the suit of clothes produced, and in reply to the witness, he said that he did not know where he got them from. Witness had seen a pattern of a missing suit at Messrs. Joshua Taylor’s, and these clothes were similar to the pattern. Prisoner afterwards said, "I daresay you knew about them." Prisoner was conveyed to Cambridge, and on arrival witness took the suit to Messrs. Joshua Taylor’s premises, were it was identified as the suit sent to the G.E.R town office, addressed to Mr. Slack, of Soham, in August last.—Prisoner: Did not I tell you afterwards I took the suit ? —Witness : Afterwards, you did.— Prisoner: And I told you that the suit had not been altered, and that I took the tabb off the back.—The Bench remanded prisoner custody until the following morning.

Joseph Tucker, 52, police inspector GER, b Norfolk
Caroline, 51, b Norfolk
Edith, 26, schoolmistress, b Norfolk
Joseph, 20, railway porter, b Norfolk
Edward, 16, draper’s apprentice, b Norfolk

Job Edmund Rout, 60, late carriage master builder, b Huntingdon
Mary Ann, 62, b Herts
Ethel Jane, 34, butchers clerk, b Hertford
Eveline Mary, 19, nurse domestic, b Herts

Miss Rout
J E Rout

CIP 6.2.1914
: Edith Sones (24) lately lodging at 157 Gwydir Street, a domestic servant, stated to be a native of Oulton BRoad, was charged with "being a person deemed to be of unsound mind and found wandering." Remand was granted for a week.

Patrick McDonnell

Patrick McDonnell

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