History of 183 Gwydir Street

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Alfred Nunn, custodian of Parker's Piece, lived in 183 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

He was still here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory), but now described as custodian of Christ's Piece (sic). Is one of these a mistake? Or did he change job?

Parkers Piece

Cricketers on Parkers Piece Hobbs Pavilion

Christ's Pieces

Hobbs Pavilion

From Capturing Cambridge:


Jonas Abbs, head, 29, sadler, b Longstanton
Alice, wife, 31, b Essex
Arthur G, son, 9, scholar, b Chesterton
Frank A, son, 6, scholar, b Chesterton
William J, son, 4, scholar, b Cambridge
William Hall, lodger, 18, harness maker, b Lincs

CIP 18.10.1884
: Alfred Nunn, 183 Gwydir Street (Curator of Parker’s Piece) in in list of Cambridge Parish Constables.

Alfred Nunn, head, 60, curator to Cambs Corporation, b Fowlmere
Eliza, wife, 60, b Herefordshire

CIP 22.6.1900
: R Nunn, son, left for service in the ambulance division at the front [South Africa].

Alfred Nunn, 70 [?], custodian gardener
Eliza, 70 [?]

CIP 28.9.1906
: Alfred Nunn was witness in case against Charles Palmer, 32, drover, lodging at the Butchers Arms, Newmarket Road, for using obscene language on Parkers Piece. Pleaded guilty and was fined 2s 6d.

CIP 23.8.1907
: Alfred Nunn was witness in the case of the discovery of the body of James Augustus Birch, a gardener, of 6 Emery Street. He had apparently drowned in a shallow ditch along the border of King’s College grounds. The man had been a gardener at Christ’s Pieces for about 10 years but had been suspended on account of a complaint against him the previous day.. The verdict was that the man had drowned but there was insufficient evidence to explain how this had happened. He was 66 and left a widow.

Alfred Nunn, 56, custodian, b Fowlmere
Eliza, 56, b Herefordshire

Alfred Nunn, custodian of Christ’s Piece

1962: Dales Brewery

1970: not listed

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