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Pattern 231 - Grounds sampler mat

Picture of lace

An embroidery sampler is supposed to show off a range of stitches and techniques. So here is a bobbin lace grounds sampler! It deliberately uses lots of grounds, both to practise working them, and to compare what they look like.

   Pattern of lace

Bobbins: 21 pairs

Style: Torchon

   half stitch
   cloth stitch
   cloth stitch and twist
   twist pair

   twisted footside (grey)
   cloth strip (red)
   Torchon ground (grey)
   star ground (magenta)
   cloth bias ground (red)
   triangular ground (blue)
   armour net or armure-Binche (purple)
   honeycomb (yellow)
   rose ground (pale blue)
   dot ground (green)
   square mat
   how to finish


Follow the links above for explanation of how to work the different parts of the lace.

Pattern of lace

The start is along a diagonal, so one pair starts at each pin, and two at the edge. Usually, I mark the position of the false pins. However, there is a problem with this particular pattern. There are stitches which cross the diagonal start line, in the star ground. So here the marked start should be the true start, not false pins. Hang the bobbins from them to start, but do not remove the pins to pull the threads through! That means that the end of the lace could be a little tricky, as you will need these pin holes again.

Click here for how to finish a mat. When you get to the end, remove the first row of pins, work the last row of pins (which use the same pin holes) then tie off as usual.

This uses rather obscure grounds. You may regard these as a challenge, in which case - good luck! If you dislike one of the grounds in this pattern, or don't feel confident enough to try it, then you can replace it with another, or possibly repeat one of the grounds already there. It is a flexible pattern. One warning, though - the outer grounds span the corner. Some grounds can do this, some can't. There is bias ground parallel to the corner line. That works. Bias ground going the other way wouldn't!