History of 59 Gwydir Street

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59 Gwydir St had Pamphilon and Son, builders, in 1904 (see Spaldings directory)

Ned Pamphilon, builder, lived here in 1913 (see Spaldings directory)/

He was also here in 1916 (see Spaldings directory).

The 1881 Census shows that Ned Pamphilon and family lived at 40 Gwydir Street (Hope Cottage). Ned Pamphilon and his brother James Pamphilon lived in various houses in Gwydir St, number 40, number 55, number 57, and number 59.

See number 55 for more on the Pamphilon family.

Herman Draulans from Belgium emailed me as follows:

"In 1973 I stayed for 3 weeks in 54 Gwydir Street, Cambridge for a holiday course in English at Cambridge University. I stayed with Mr. and Ms. Harper. I will always remember this holiday, being 16 years old at that time. Mr. and Ms. Harper had 2 daughters and one son, called James."

I've subsequently been told by Charles Harpur, the son of Mr and Mrs Harpur, that it was no. 59!

From Capturing Cambridge:


1871: unnumbered.
The Death household appear in the census to be living at a property at this location when the relative positions of other households are considered.

James Death, 48, unemployed coal agent, b Suffolk
Maria, 36, b Suffolk
Walter J, 8, b Suffolk
Minnie, 6, b Swaffham Bulbeck
Caroline A, 4, b Swaffham Bulbeck
Frank B, 2, b Swaffham Bulbeck

1881: building ground

Ned Pamphilon, 56, builder, b Whittlesford
Horace E, 24, builder, b Cambridge
Mary A, 22, b Cambridge
Mabel, 16, milliner, b Cambridge
Laura, 14, draper’s assistant, b Cambridge
Arthur, 12, b Cambridge

Ned Pamphilon, 65, builder, b Whittlesford
Phebe Pamphilon, 69, b Burwell
Edith Ley, step daughter, 40, drapers assistant, b Manchester
Constance Ellen Pamphilon, daughter, 29, b Cambridge

Ned Pamphilon, builder
Pamphilon and Sons, builders, contractors and funeral furnishers

CIP 25.8.1916
: A Flapping Blind: No Light To Be Shown After Dark At All. Ned Pamphilon summoned for not reducing and shading the inside lights of screening the window at the back of 59 Gwydir Street. Defendant said he was not aware of new Act coming into force. He was dismissed with a warning from the Bench.

Kenneth Brown

Charles M Harpur
The Harpurs had two daughters and one son, James.

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