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Pattern 77 - Roses III

Picture of lace

One of several attempts to make a design of roses. See also pattern 75 and pattern 76.

   Pattern of lace

Bobbins: 17 pairs + 1 gimp

Style: Bucks Point

   half stitch and twist
   half stitch
   cloth stitch
   cloth stitch and twist
   gimp (pink)

   Bucks Point net (grey)
   honeycomb (green)
   cloth stitch solid area (red)
   half stitch diamond (blue)
   Winkie pin plaited footside (grey)


Follow the links above for explanation of how to work the different parts of the lace. The straight bit of the edge is a Winkie pin footside (where the pair coming in from the lace return immediately to the lace), but the passives are plaited between the pins.

The start of the lace in the photo is one pair from one edge working across all other pairs in cloth stitch and back again, to give a line as a start. You can leave this out if you want.

This pattern uses a gimp to provide the stem between the flowers and the leaves, and altered to shape of the flowers, to overcome the problems of pattern 76. I'm not convinced by the pattern though. Flowers in lace can be hard!