History of 135 Gwydir Street

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Philip Parr, shopkeeper, lived in 135 Gwydir St in 1883 (see Kelly's Directory).

Friday Allen Neech, painter lived here in 1892 (see Kelly's Directory).

F. Seymour Hawkins, milkman, lived here in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

He was still here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

Miss Maria Wesson, dairy, lived here in 1916 (see Kelly's Directory).

From Capturing Cambridge:


CIP 22.3.1879
MONDAY,—Before the Mayor, J. Death, and T. H. Naylor, Esqs. STEALING MONEY. George Harrison, labourer, of Liverpool, was charged with stealing some copper money from till in the shop of Philip Parr, grocer, of Gwydir-street, the previous Saturday evening. Edwin Parr (12), son of Philip Parr, said he saw the prisoner in his father's shop about six o'clock on the evening in question. He saw the prisoner through half glass door which led into the shop reaching over the counter with his hand in the till. He saw the prisoner transfer something from one hand to the other. He saw him put his hand in the till a second time, when he called his mother, and they stopped the prisoner until the policeman came.

Ann Parr, wife of Philip Parr, corroborated the above evidence.

P.s. Muncey said: On Saturday evening, in consequence of information I received, I went to the prosecutor's shop about a quarter past six. I found the prisoner there. I searched him and found 8 1/2d. on him in copper. I looked in the till and saw a lot of copper money there. The prisoner said it was his own money. I then took him to the Station-house. The prisoner pleaded not guilty, but consented to have the case settled by the Magistrates. He was sentenced to six weeks' imprisonment.

1881: Grocer's Shop
Philip Parr, head, 38, grocer and local methodist preacher, b Suffolk
Ann, wife, 40, b Norfolk
William, son, 17, railway telegraph boy, b Carlton
Edwin, son, 14, tailor's apprentice, b Norfolk
Walter, son, 11, scholar, b Norfolk
Arthur R, son, 5, scholar, b Cambridge
Russel W, son, 1, b Cambridge
Robert Russell, father, 74, widower, retired publican, b Norfolk

In March 1881 Philip Parr gave evidence at the coroners inquest in Waterbeach into the ice skating deaths.

CDN 5.3.1889
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CDN 29.5.1889
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Friday A Neech, head, 32, painter, b Cambridge
Elizabeth, wife, 33, b Newmarket
Laurie E, daughter, 10, scholar, b Cambridge
Edgar, son, 8, scholar, b Berks
Alan, son, 7, scholar, b Cambridge
Reginald, son, 5, scholar, b Cambridge
Elizabeth, daughter, 2, b Cambridge
Evelyn, daughter, 4 mos, b Cambridge
Thomas, 15, nephew, apprentice, b Cambridge

Francis Hawkins, dairyman
Mary Fisk, servant, 16, b Norfolk

Francis Seymour Hawkins, 40, dairyman, b Cambridge
Bertha Annie Elizabeth, 37, b London
Cecil Francis Judge, 15, clerk at Brewery, b Cambridge
Hilda Bertha Susan, 14, b Cambridge
Alfred George, 12, b Cambridge
Frank Thomas, 10, b Cambridge
Doris Maude, 4, b Cambridge
Norah Irene, 2, b Cambridge

F Seymour Hawkins, milkman

Frederick Harry Hoppit, grocer

Ernest William Mills, grocer

R C Brown, grocer

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