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"U3AC" is Cambridge University of the Third Age. Here are some Cambridge walks that I have designed for a U3AC course. The intention is a walk, not a guided tour - to walk round Cambridge looking at things. There won't be time to give much information, so I'm giving it here instead. Click on link below to see a walk. Click here for a map showing all the walks.

The walk course number in Summer 2024 is FIT 41, led by me, Jo Edkins, mostly starting at Quayside. This is 9 weeks only.

April 16 - City Centre
April 23 - Castle
April 30 - Kings Ditch
May 7 - Maids Causeway
May 14 - Northampton Street
May 21 - Backs
May 28 - Christs Pieces
June 7 - Jesus Green
June 11 - Hobsons Conduit - starts on Kings Parade

As this is a 9 week term, I won't be doing this walk - Grange Road. Feel free to do it by yourself!

Each walk lasts an hour. They start from Quayside except the last one (Hobsons Conduit), which starts on Kings Parade. The length of the walks is 2 miles or less. Some of them don't end at the start point. I will always walk back to the start point with anyone who doesn't know where they are, but that may make the total walk longer than 2 miles.

Quayside is close to the U3AC office. It is by Magdalene Bridge, and it is an open area with some seats. The last walk will start outside Kings College Chapel. It is possible to sit on the low wall in front of Kings.

During the summer 2023, I did one-off walks in other parts of Cambridge.
Barnwell Priory and Chesterton - starting from the Grafton Centre
Public Art round the Railway Station - starting from the station

I intend to do some more one-off walks in summer 2024. I am planning them here:

July 2 - Art in Mill Road - start at Parkers Piece, corner near swimming pool - finish in Mill Road cemetery
July 9 - Art in the city centre - start and finish at the bus station
July 16 - Saxon Cambridge - start at Quayside - finish at Sussex Street
July 23 - Coe Fen and Sheep's Green - start and finish at Silver Street bridge

Click here for a brief history of Cambridge. It is not necessary to read this to enjoy the walks, but you may be interested!

Here are the rules for the walks. I hope you find them reasonable!

Most of the buildings on the walks are listed. A listed building in the United Kingdom is a building which has been placed on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. There are just under 500,000 buildings in the UK to which this applies. A listed building may not be demolished, extended or altered without special permission from the local planning authority.

I have a website about Cambridge, which I have used to design these walks, in particular, listed buildings, but also covering public art, passage ways, and lots more, including Dinky Doors!

Here are some other websites which may interest you:
Historic core appraisal - these were done by the City Council. There is a separate pdf for each street in the city centre.
Cambridge churches - a description of nearly all the Cambridge churches.
Cambridge University colleges - these are the college websites. They often have a section on their history.
Cambridge Blue Plaques
Cambridge Commons & Public Spaces
A history of Cambridge
Another history of Cambridge