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Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, Greek, Roman, Mayan and Arabic numbers
Calculating machines: abacus, Napier's bones, slide rule, logs, calculators
Interesting numbers: 0, 1, i, root two, golden ratio, e, pi, googol, infinity
Data: Gathering data, pictograms, graphs, mean/median/mode, sorting
Binary and other bases, finger systems, words for numbers
Symmetry: reflective, rotational, make your own pattern or snowflake
Tessellations: square, triangle, Escher, and examples
Solid shapes: cubes and more complicated shapes, with nets, pictures, facts
Angles: shapes, angles & make patterns using turtle
Probability: Tossing coins, throwing dice, calculations for dice, about probability
Simple Maths Skills: Numbers and angles (and some fun games!)
Logic puzzles: to improve logical thought
Introduction to Euclid
History - index
Information: gods, month names, solar system, mazes
Activities: make a mosaic, numbers, Merels Tabula
Egyptian gods, Egyptian numbers
Nordic gods, days of the week, runes, Nordic names
English / British
Kings and Queens of England and Scotland
Battles involving England
Imperial units and old British money
Family History - index
Frederick Dibblee: Victorian railway engineer in India
Dibblee : Binney : Geddes : Eckford : Beddome :
Fun things to do for Christmas
Children's party ideas
Happy Birthday
My Kindle books
How to make Bobbin Lace - Buy UK - USA
Bobbin Lace Stitches and Techniques - Buy UK - USA
Dibblee - a Pioneering Family - Buy UK - USA
How to design Celtic Knots - Buy UK - USA
Famous poets - one poem each - Buy UK - USA
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General Knowledge - index
Elements and their symbols
Countries and their capitals
Latin phrases and quotes
United States Postal Service State Codes
Greek alphabet
Art, craft and design - index
How to make bobbin lace - Dutch version
Lace collection
Celtic knots how to draw & historic examples
Mazes history and different types
Greek keys
Tapestry (needlepoint) patterns
Design Torchon lace online
Design a Celtic knot online
Design a mosaic online
Design a maze online
Design a 2D Greek key online
Design a symmetrical pattern online
Design a tessellation online
Make an electric circuit online introduction, meters
Combine colour online light (additive), paint (subtractive)
Minerals - Fossils
Food chain simulation
Land a rocket on a planet
Food recipes and techniques

English - index
Parts of speech
Find the apostrophe
Full stops in sentences
Typing practice
Make words from letters
Convert text
Robot alphabet
Learn Shakespearean quotes
Famous Shakespearean speeches
The gospels of the King James Bible
Quotations that I like
Map games
Countries of the world
USA states, English counties
& rivers and seas of the world
Walks round Cambridge
Buses in Cambridge
Gwydir Street in Cambridge
Google maps:
Wren's London churches
Hawksmoor's London churches
Wikipedia: Wren's London churches
Puzzles - index
The goat, the wolf and the hay
Rolling a coin round another
Do two people have the same birthday?
Dividing a circle into bits
Four colour maps
Draw 4 lines through the dots
Seven bridges of Konigsberg
Number sequence
The rabbit in the lake
What colour is the bear?
Missing bit puzzle
Weighing balls puzzle
The liar and the honest man
Rows of apple trees
Rice on a chess board
Knot the scarf
Dice that beat each other
Simple puzzles
Games - index
Solitaire board game
Gaps patience
Scorpion patience
Large version of Scorpion
Kings patience
Clock patience
Roman Merels
Roman Tabula
Make a snowflake pattern
Land a rocket on a planet
Chess moves game
Corners of rectangles game
Reflect/rotate game
Pin Down game
Coded quotes
Silly chess
American Football
Unicorn - programming language for beginners
How to code JavaScript
Very simple LOGO
Email etiquette
Cascading style sheets

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