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Bobbin Lace patterns - Christmas patterns

Introduction to Christmas patterns

Stars (and moon)

Three starsPicture of lace

Offset starsPicture of lace

Stars within starsPicture of lace

Net starPicture of lace

Reverse starPicture of lace

Star with gleaming centrePicture of lace

Broad silver starPicture of lace

Stripey starPicture of lace

Fragmented starPicture of lace

Gold star, red beamsPicture of lace

Red star, gold beamsPicture of lace

Tilted starPicture of lace

Honeycomb starPicture of lace

Glow-in-dark starPicture of lace

Glow-in-dark snowflakePicture of lace

Star Picture of lace

Star with rose groundPicture of lace

MoonPicture of lace

StarPicture of lace


Simple snowflakePicture of lace

Complex snowflakePicture of lace

Branching snowflakePicture of lace

Snowflake with gold backgroundPicture of lace

Snow scenes

SnowmanPicture of lace

Fir treesPicture of lace

Snowman and treePicture of lace

Christmas wreaths

Small Christmas wreathPicture of lace

Green Christmas wreathPicture of lace

Christmas flowers

Christmas wreath of flowersPicture of lace

Christmas flowerPicture of lace

Beds roundalPicture of lace

Asymmetrical scallopsPicture of lace


Angel Picture of lace

AngelPicture of lace

Two angelsPicture of lace

Strip of angelsPicture of lace

Angel in strange shapePicture of lace

Gold rings

Gold ringPicture of lace

Five gold ringsPicture of lace

Xhristmas bauble

Christmas bauble Picture of lace


Sparkly edgePicture of lace

SpiralsPicture of lace

Coloured spiralsPicture of lace

SwirlsPicture of lace

Celtic knot decorationPicture of lace

Gold fansPicture of lace

Big diamonds and rose groundPicture of lace

Diamonds and rose groundPicture of lace

Helix with zigzagPicture of lace

Helix with spiralsPicture of lace

Small helixPicture of lace